“You Really Have Done Remarkably Badly.”

Holmes to Watson, after the doctor fails to gather clues about Violet Smith’s strange bicycle-riding stalker in “The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist,” A. Conan Doyle

London Illustrated News ad for comfortable bikes, 1893

“I admitted to myself the paltry quality of my own conclusions,” Watson writes. “If Holmes had found himself approaching my door he’d deduce instantly whether I was a home. He would also know when I’d last been to town, what I’d eaten at the (insert

correct name of) public house or dining establishment–and if it had agreed with me.” *

*Sherlock Holmes and the Remaining Improbable

SOON from Susanne M. Dutton and Propertius Press

The Game is not afoot. The Better-Every-Day world of 1895 is gone, even hard to recall, as WWI ends. Holmes fills out entry papers at a rundown psychiatric clinic on the Normandy coast. Now that the law declares his cocaine use illegal, he aims to quit entirely. Confronted by a question as to his “treatment goal,” he hesitates, aware that his real goal far exceeds the capacity of any clinic. Holmes’ scribbled response, never before encountered by his long-experienced doctor, soon churns interlocking mystery and desperate action into the lives of enemies and friends both.

* https://propertiuspress.wixsite.com/bookstore/online-store

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