Susanne Dutton is a Philadelphian writing fiction and poetry, and looking forward to Propertius Press’ late 2020 publication of her new novel, Sherlock Holmes and the Remaining Improbable.

Susanne’s the one who hid during high school gym, exchanged notes written in Tolkien’s Elfish language with her few friends and read the World Classics series, starting with A. Fifty years later, having outlived her professional life as a counselor and her mortgage, she aims herself at her desk most days, where she tangles with whatever story she can’t get out of her head. Those stories tend to seat readers within pinching distance of her characters, who, like most of us, slide at times from real life to fantasy and back. Born in Iowa, Susanne grew up in the SF Bay Area, has two grown children, and lives with her husband in an old Philadelphia house, built of the stones dug from the ground where it sits.  

 Other work has been seen in Persimmon Tree, Bards and Sage’s latest speculative fiction anthology, Zimbell House’s The Neighbor’s Anthology, Milk Sugar Literature, Main Street Rag Anthology, Depth Insights E-zine, Kakalak Poetry and SUNY’s new Unruly Catholic Women Writers, a finalist in the 2014 ALA Foreword Award for best anthology.

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