Watson, Harlene User?

Restores hair to Original Color! Not a Dye!

Prevents Hair Turning Grey or “Falling Off!”

Produces Luxuriant Whiskers and Mustaches!

The London Ilustrated News, December 1895

“I dressed, shaved, fussed to no avail with my remaining hair, and made my final preparations for the two-hour journey to Eastbourne…. I had reduced my office hours in the past two years and watched as my patients cooperated to an unflattering extent, transferring their loyalties to my young partner and nephew, Ronald Ellison.” Sherlock Holmes and the Remaining Improbable, coming soon from Propertius Press.

So How Old is Old?

When Watson received Holmes’ summons to Eastbourne, he was 68 and the year was 1920, just a hundred years ago. Stanford University’s research, based on likelihood of death, suggests that for men the transition beyond middle age in 1920 was 44. After 44 you qualified as “old,” at least in terms of likelihood of death. In 2020, that age is 60.

But that’s not all. Stanford included another transition. The transition for men from “old” to really “elderly” in 1920 was 55 in 1920. In 2020, it is 76. from John Stoven: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/what-age-is-considered-old-nowadays/

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