Electropathic Belts and Gizmos to Doom Covid 19

HOLMES’ 1895 Newspaper:

If Electricity Prevents Cholera and Restores Health (at once!)

Advertisement London Illustrated New December 1895

… then why couldn’t the Society for Psychical Research, with members such as Sir Oliver Lodge, writers Jane Barlow and Arthur Conan Doyle, MP Arthur Balfour, and William James, introduce you to your long ago buried great, great grandmother? After all, this was a scientific breakthrough and these late Victorians thought of themselves as citizens of a brave new world.

Are we so different? I heard on a normally sound podcast report that a pint of apple cider vinegar a day will prevent Covid 19. Why suffer unnecessarily, as the the ad says? Good ol’ aspirin has been another claimant. Or you may simply purchase the handy dandy (glowing!) electrical device that sizzles those invisible virus baddies from your door knobs and cells phones. Forget the sprays and wipes. Belt this gizmo to your wrist and have at it!

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