“Take the Brighton Line from Victoria, if convenient.

Photo by Steve Knight

If inconvenient, do so anyway.”


I felt my mood lighten as I fell into that long-standing mode of being, not just Doctor Watson, but “Watson, Confederate and Chronicler.” I was only sorry the instruction did not insist that I arrive that same night, for I was eager to proceed.

Photo by Goran Anicic from FreeImages

A hurried leave of absence was not impossible. I had reduced my office hours in the past two years and watched as my patients cooperated to an unflattering extent, transferring their loyalties to my young partner.*

by Susanne M. Dutton (It’s at just this early point in the adventures that I’m hooked till the end.)

*Sherlock Holmes and the Remaining Improbable

coming soon from Propertius Press

As World War I ends, Britain declares cocaine a dangerous, controlled drug. An older, depressed Holmes submits entry papers at a rundown psychiatric clinic on the Normandy coast, hoping to end his habit. He names a treatment goal never before encountered by his physician, churning interlocking mystery and desperate action into the lives of friends and enemies both.

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