A Good Dose of Winslow’s Child Preservative


“Till Midnight the child kept moaning and tossing in his bed.” London Illustrated News, December 1895

Le Dieppe Clinic and Sanatorium, Normandy (Clinical Note)

25 Aug 1920 – M. Holmes believes he was first introduced to cocaine as a teething infant by his nursery maid. As was common practice, she applied wool pads, imbued with a tea made from coca leaves, to his sore gums. M. Holmes and his two older brothers were also regularly dosed with Godfrey’s Cordial (opium and treacle), as well as Mrs. Winslow’s Child Preservative (morphine). Pierre Jourbert, Director

—“Sherlock Holmes and the Remaining Improbable”  by Susanne M. Dutton, coming soon from Propertius Press                        

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